Foldable Thumb Grip (Thumb Rest) for Leica M and Q series

Main features for the Foldable Thumb Grip (thumb rest) for Leica M & Q series

Currently avaliable for: Leica M10 / M11 / M240 / M9 / M8 / Q3 / Q2

First it comes the famous "Thumb Up" brand for Leica. It was a briliant idea for digital Leica M users as digital M do not have a film advance lever which you can rest your thumb. Then Leica make similar thing under their own brand name.

It is a great product if you just don't like a proper hand grip but there is one short comming for this product which is why we are introducing our foldable thumb grip. When a thump grip is installed the protruded part always bang on my stomach. Our thumb grip is foldable with a well tuned tension when fliping it out or folding it back leaving a flat edge to solve this problem



These thumb grip are hand made out of Stainless steel (Silver verision) / Brass with aging process (Black gray version) and Original brass color version.

Stainless steel version are best match for Silver Leica body (NOTE:It is NOT the SILVER that match the SILVER of the camera body, It is the ORGINAL color of the stainless steel itself as shown in the pictures). The color is the origional color of the stainless steel with a matt finish. Color won't change over time.

Darkened Brass version (Aged Brass Dark Gray) are treated with aging process to give that darkened finish also with a matt finish NOTE:It is NOT a Black that match the black of the camera body, It is DARKENED as shown in the pictures. Do not try to do black paint on it. It won't work). After prolong usage the edges will show the natual color of the brass. If being left untouch under open area it will darken again. This is the natual of the material itself which I like as it looks like patina from a black paint. Also note that the top round cover is Type 304 stainless steel as a brass top cover is not strong enough to hold the foldable grip tension). The whole product is assembled and than dipped into darkening agent. Because of different material some color different is normal. 

Original Brass version (none coated) shows the original color of the brass. (NOTE: The top round cover is stainless steel, because only stainless steel is stronge enought to hold the foldable grip tension)

Similar product for M240 series, M9,Q3, Q2 is now avaliable with same color selection.

Above: For Q3/Q2

Above: Left for M240 / Right for M9

Original Brass color as follow, avaliable for all models mentioned.

My own copy in black after prolong usage. As you can see some part of the black shows brass color and the top round cover shows stainless steel color. 


As these product are hand made and made to order. About 1 week is needed after order have been placed.


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