Leica SL3 modular base plate and L-plate attachment

Leica SL3 modular base plate and L-plate attachment

As SL3 is a great tool for both photo and video camera, we decided to work on this new product to provide more flexibility and further extend the function of this camera. We started this project actually prior to the release of SL3 and we actually start our brain storming way before that. We want to create a new design concept for similar mirrorless camera and not just a similar product on the market. We might extend this design concept for other camera models later down the road. If you wish us to work on another camera model please do write to us.

In the beginning we started to looking into camera cages but we drop this idea as there are too many makers making similar products. Also, a cage is pretty much tied in to a system which we will need to consider making all the accessories for that system and we are in no position to do that as we are a small company. However, we do think some of those accessories provided by other cage system does seems interesting and very functional, therefore we want to make a product that is mainly for photographers and part time videographers and trying to strike a balance with the following design criteria:

  1. It has to be light weight
  2. It allows optional functions to be adapted
  3. It has to be unique and never been done before
  4. Design concept isn’t too dependable on certain camera model and allow us to make it for other cameras


Introducing SL3 double deck base plate and L-plate from IDSworks

Keeping it light:

Our camera base plate is only 5mm thick and weight only 40gram. It provides the following basic function:


  1. Allowing quick ARCA style tripod mounting (38mm standard)
  2. Allow the use of our improved Lens Down Bracket for lens down over the body carrying
  3. Quick battery access
  4. Extra SD card storage (sorry, not enough room for the other card type)
  5. 1/4-20 screw thread for other tripod mounting (when your tripod thread does not exceed 5mm in height)


Instead of what you have already seen on the market for similar products with a L-plate, we designed the L-plate as a separate module that slide into our bottom plate seamlessly with minimum increase in height and weight. The L-plate module is only 72gram. This patent double deck slide in design allows the total height when stacked at only 11mm yet it provides a really sturdy plate that can take a loading.


Traditionally similar L-plate product have a slide out vertical support while the slider itself is only a thin piece of metal. If the access port cable does not have enough room you might need to use the L-plate with it locked at slide out position. Our L-plate module however carry much stronger weight as it is thicker and closely linked with the bottom plate to provide greatest loading.


With the additional of this L-plate module more accessories can be applied without the need of considering different camera bottom layout for different camera models that we will be making down the road. Additional accessories you may add to it includes but not limited to the following:


  1. QD lock shoulder strap to the bottom
  2. Our new version of Lens Down bracket to the bottom / on the side
  3. 3rd party left hand grip for video shooting or acting as a flash holder
  4. Power bank attachment for long time video shooting

In general, as long as your other 3rd party accessary support standard 1/4-20 screw hold standard with center-to-center distance at 9mm your existing accessary will work on our product.

Here is a set up which I would like to share as I find it very convenient

In this set up I am using the left-hand grip as a flash holder. It has a much better balance when operate compare to having the flash placed directly on the camera hot shoe, not to mention it will be less likely to destroy your hot shoe if you bump your flash while the flash is on the hot shoe.

Further, with this set up I can quickly switch between on camera fill flash and off camera lighting set up. You can quickly set the detachable L-plate module (with the flash and wireless receiver) on the tripod and reposition your lights instead of going through off-loading your flash, attach the flash and receiver to the tripod connection plate and reposition your lights. Also, since the top of the L-plate module is standard 38mm ARCA standard you may also use a slide in an ARCA connection plate and install an umbrella on it as well.

Example of external power pack set up:

On the bottom with left hand 3rd party grip and QD lock strap

On the side with our lens down bracket attached


- Complete package include camera base plate and L-plate attachment

- Lens down bracket is sold seperately

- 3rd party items not included

THIS IS A MUST READ If you are mixing maker of accessories from different brands please read the following:

ARCA SWISS cross brand compatibility

 It explains the potential problem you may encounter and how to solve them.




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