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IDS grip for Fuji X100VI Grip features

Introducing our latest addition to the Fuji camera lineup, the X100VI, designed with the same precision and quality as our renowned Leica M and Q series cameras.

We have not implement similar curved opening at the bottom to cut down machine time by half and use a rather common straight opening approach to cut CNC time and reduce cost.

X100VI is a little bit too short causing small finger have no place to grip for many with an average size hand. We decided to increase the height just a little for better grip and maintain a visual proportion between the top and bottom part. We have also include a strap anchor on the grip side for those who prefer attaching a Peak Design strap anchor. The position of the grip pad is placed in a position where your middle finger can easily access the front dial yet not be able to accidently trigger it. 

Note: we have a full introduction on why our grip pad shape is unique and how to hold it properly in the "design concept --> back to the basic" section. Please do read it or watch that video, as many did not realize it is very different from holding other similar products. There are some useful tips as well.

Redefining perfect fit

Our grip base design for this camera has a perfect fit after many mockup. We surrounded the bottom of the camera at a height of 1.5mm with inner curvature that wraps the bottom rim perfectly and it sit flush with the camera fully.

Aside from cosmetic concerns, this grip is also add functions by providing

1. On grip ARCA dove tail for quick tripod mounting

2. Inner vertical metal support with vertical sunk in structure grip pad mounting rods providing rigidity. Grip pads only provides comfort with no stress on carry the load of the camera. 

3. Internal spare SD card storage 

4. grip side wrist strap lugs

5. Battery door access 

6. No audio blockage

7. Additional auxiliary tripod thread for those who do not have ARCA standard tripod

Note: The auxiliary tripod thread on the base is OPEN TOP to make use of the full height of the base. When you attach 1/4-20 standard tripod thread into the hole, make sure the height of that thread is less than 7mm in height. Otherwise it will hit the camera bottom. Most tripod thread lenght does fall between 4mm to 7mm.

Base Plate Selection

There are two base colors (Silver and black) to match with the camera body and 6 different grip pad selections for your preference. 

During our development, we perfected our anodizing process to achieve this matte finish by carefully selecting materials, controlling temperatures, and using specific chemical mix in production. The result is a finish that resembles the iconic look of a modern Leica M camera finish. Our anodizing factory charge us by sets, unlike other that charges on total kilogram of products to be anodized.

Grip pad selections

To match your style we have the following 6 grip pad for your selection

Bottom Left: Glass fiber composite (G10)

This is a new material we created for two purpose. Many customers likes black but before we only have African black wood and black aluminum. Some found wood rather “old school" and forced to select black matt aluminum but aluminum grip pad is heavy (25g) so we have now this Fiber glass composite for your selection at only 11 grams. It is light, sturdy and have a grid patten on it. This material is commonly use on knife handles.

Top Left: Walnut  (5g)

This wood is very light (5g) but it is indeed softer because of its density.

Top Middle: Desert iron wood from Africa (11g)

This wood has better color then Walnut and almost the same density as the African black wood.

Bottom Middle: African Black wood (11g)

This wood has a high density and also beautiful wood grain.

Top Right: Metallic gray aluminum (25g)

Milled on 3 axial CNC and anodized with a metallic gray finish

Bottom right: black aluminum (25g)

Milled on 3 axial CNC and anodized with a matt black finish

The weight of the bottom plate + supporting aluminum rod + aluminum screw with same bottom plate finish (47g)

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