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Foldable Thumb Grip for Leica M10/M11

Foldable Thumb Grip for Leica M10/M11

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Note: This new product is currently overwhelm of orders now and please do expect some delays. When initial orders drops back down we will keep some stocks.

These hand made thumb grip are made out of Stainless steel (Siver version) and brass with aging process (Black version) respectively.

Stainless steel version are best match for Silver Leica body NOTE:It is NOT the SILVER that match the SILVER of the camera body, It is the ORGINAL color of the stainless steel itself as shown in the pictures). The color is the origional color of the stainless steel with a matt finish. Color won't change over time.

Brass version are treated with aging process to give that darkened finish also with a matt finish NOTE:It is NOT a Black that match the black of the camera body, It is DARKENED as shown in the pictures. Do not try to do black paint on it. It won't work). After prolong usage the edges will show the natual color of the brass. If being left untouch under open area it will darken again. This is the natual of the material itself which I like as it looks like patina from a black paint.

For Silver M bodies it is best to go with the stainless steel verions for Black M bodies it is best to go with the darkened brass version which mimic the patina of a black paint body.

Note: As these product are made by order it will take a couple of days before product can be send out.


Stainless Steel (Silver): 36g

Brass (Black): 32g

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