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As a passionate photographer, your camera is your treasure. You invest a significant amount of time and money in choosing the perfect camera, so protecting it is crucial. That's why we recommend using camera protective film.

Camera protective film is a thin film specifically designed to protect the camera's exterior. It effectively prevents scratches, fingerprints, dust, and other damages that may occur during daily use. This film is typically made from high-quality materials such as durable polymers, offering excellent durability and transparency.

Unlike some similar products on the market where the pattern of the vinyl is selected from a catalogue from 3M, we merely use the base material from 3M and taylor made our protective Vinyl and vulcanite protector. We specially ordered our first layer with a different material which has a relistic texture that mimic the original texture on the original Leica, making it 'almost' invisible.

Just like the design concept for our grip product, we do not wish to affect the original look of the camera as much as possible (no camouflage pattern from us). Currently we only dedicate in producing protection Vinyl for models of camera we sell accessaries to (M series, Q series).

There are several benefits to using camera protective film. Firstly, it protects the camera's exterior from scratches, and abrasions. Cameras are often exposed to outdoor environments and may come into contact with objects like keys, coins, or other sharp items. Camera protective film provides an additional layer of protection, ensuring that it maintains a flawless appearance which in turns retain its resell value when you want to upgrade your camera.


Camera protective film is easy to install. They usually come with a self-adhesive backing. 3M adhersive backing have tinny particles of adhersive, making it easy to adjust position prior to the finally "pressing down" to fix it's location. They also have good adaptability, perfectly fitting the camera's curves and edges without affecting its appearance and operation. For the vulcanite cover, it is a different material which needs to first soften it with blow dryer before applying. Once applied, give is some pressure to let it set its shape. If icorner pops up again in the first few days, lighty heat it with blow dryer, apply pressure to set it in place. 

When your order from us you will get an second sets (the vulcanite cover have only one set per order) just in case you have make a mistake on the first try. We also will include all the tools your need for the installation. 

About our color selection

The vulcanite cover material is the same for all models. For Black cameras we have two kinds of black for other areas (A matt one for M series and another one to match the finish on the Q). For Silver cameras we are using a harder material which is matt but transparent. It works best with Silver body camera and provide more impact resistance. We do have a Silver Vinyl but decided not to do it anymore as the silver Vinyl cannot provide the original matt look. Transparent version also works for black cameras but it will take a bit more skill set to do it perfectly because black camera is more easy to show dust / droplets for adhersive/tinny bubbles. So it is advise to use the matt transparent ones on a Silver body and Black Vinyl version for black camera.

Combining with our grip products you don't need to worry about cosmetic damage and losing resell value anymore and use your investment as intended.

Made to order

 Please allow 2 days for production as this product are made to order in our workshop with computerized cutting machines and manually discard areas that are not needed. We may keep stocks for some hotter models later.


1. For MP there are no Black version but only Transparent version for both Silver and Black bodies

2. For M240 there are no Black version but only Transparent verison for both Silver and Black bodies

3. For M240P we can not produce a full body cover  as the gap under the frame selector is not enough for the vulcanite cover. If you don't mind using a different cover on the vulcanite area you can message me. We didn't list it here to prevent misunderstanding.

4. For Q2/Q3 We do have a green version that comes with the same black vulcanite cover but since demand is lower we didn't list it here. If you need them let me know.

5. For BLACK PAINT users. As no one can absolutely garantee the black paint finish won't lost it's adhersiveness on the camera body we do not encourage people using this. Although some customer do use the "P" model's transparent version (i.e. M10P, M11P) from time to time. In case you choose to use it make sure when you decide to remover the Vinyl use a blow dryer to heat the Vinyl first to soften the adnersive of the vinyl backing and remove slowely.

Installation Guide download Links:

Leica M10 (Black)

Leica M10 (Transparent)

Leica M11 (Black)

Leica M11 (Transparent)

Leica Q2

Leica Q3


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