Finally a handgrip design that preserve the look of the legendary Leica M Design

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Concept behind the design...

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IDS modular grip LEICA M11

Functional / Protection / Elegant

Feature Details
  • Functional

    External trigger to the battery release that actually make sense

  • Elegant

    Design to retain the M10 grip look with floating grip pad. Alumium 7075 material was used for sturdiness.

  • Protection

    The only material contacting your camera body is soft material.

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IDSworks Grip for Leica M11 in action...

IDS modular Grip for LEICA M10

Functional / Comfortable / Elegant

Feature Details
  • Functional

    Quick battery access door and external SD card storage allows quick changing of battery and SD card on the field without the need of putting down your camera.

  • Modular Design

    With the modular design on quick loading plate can be attached as needed. Style of Grip pad can also be selected

  • Elegant

    Designed to match your M10's original color while adding a stylish "floating" design on the grip pad to preserve the original elegant look of the legendary M camera.

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IDSworks Grip for Leica M10 in action...

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