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Dear friends and supporters

Pretty much all back order for M11/M10 thumb grip are now delivered. Thanks for all your support.

Comming Up Next:

A foldable thumb grip for the M240 Series

Rolling status on back order amount:

1(Darkened Brass color)

0(Original Stainless steel color)

Thumb rest shipping out today: 8 units

New Grip option

New grip pad option (top middle) Desert Iron wood. It is about the same density as the African black wood and a brighter color than Walnut.

Glass fiber composite (lower left). This is a very interesting material suggested by a customer and I loved it! It is light and very sturdy. In fact it can take more beating than Aluminum. Loving the grid pattern and it provides an option for those who only like black but don't like the black wood and think aluminum is a bit too heavy.

Matching on Silver / Black

I am sure this gray option tagging with our Silver Q2 grip will match the HODINKEE version well

Concept behind the design...

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