Lens Down Bracket

Features of IDS Lens Down Bracket


 The ideal of this Lens Down Bracket is to minimize the stress on your neck when carrying bigger lens. It also alows better shooting experience.

Traditionally carrying a camera with a heavier lens cause more stress on your neck as the lens will tend to tilt forward. Another way of wearing a camera is have your camera strap to wear across your body to relief stress on your neck, however your lens may be bumped accidentally when you walk through doors, people walking by your side, bicycles running beside you...etc.

This bracket was designed so that when you wear your camera, lens  will natually point down. Without the lens pointing outward you can better protect your lens with you arm when wearing across your body and it will not swing around.

There are four natual position to wear your camera with this bracket:

  • Camera strap across your body with lens pointing down and backward. It give you a easy strolling through the street without the camera getting in your way
  • Camera strap cross your body with the lens pointing down and forward. This position allows you to protect you lens and camera in busy streets.
  • Camera strap across your body while bring your camera infont of your chest. Ready to shoot position for quick action
  • Tie your strip on your right hand. As the strip are no longer fixated on the camera lugs, the strips will not get into the way of your lens (important for Ranger finders as you can't see through the lens).

Wear across the body with lens down

With the strap fixated on the bracket there will be no strip going through your fingers when you hold your camera, provide a more conforatable grip as well.

It also allow your to use your flavorate strap between multiple camera easily (removing a strap from a camera is time consuming)

The bracket utilized the quick loading rail to carry the load of your camera and utilze a 1/4 inch screw (or M5 for thiner profile product of ours) to prevent the camera from sliding out from the rail. In fact it can be used on other 3 party grip if a standard 38mm arca rails existed and a 1/4 inch screw is avaliable more or less at the center.

This product will work on all our products and is only avaliable in black only.




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