IDS grip for Leica M240

IDS grip for Leica M240 camera features

Leica M240 series is the only M camera that has video capabilities and in many ways is a venture for Leica.

Even today there are still many are using this M camera and is consider a good entry point for new Leica M users. I was asked by many to create a grip for this product yet I was quite reluctant as it's an old model but I am now putting a small production to fulfill the needs for the M240 series users. 


Currently Black and Silver version of the grip (a smaller production) is avaliable.

This M240 grip replaces your original M240 bottom plate and provide a quick access door to the battery compartment. It also has a hidden backup SD card storage inside. On the outside rim we have intergrated the ARCA dovetail rails (38mm standard) to provide quick loading on your ARCA style tripod.


With the magnetic door it allows much quicker access to the battery and SD card without the need of removing the grip.

For the M240 design of this grip we are aimming to provide a lighter option as much as possible. The replacment of bottom plate is only a few mm thicker then the original plate visually but the overall grip feels the sames as my other products for M series. In fact they share the same grip pads.

Note:The screw hole you see on the bottom is NOT for standard 1/4-20 tripod thread that usually comes with old style tripod ( (If your tripod do not support ARCA system there are adaptors you can buy an adaptor the market to quickly solve this  (Look for 1/4 thread to ARCA connection plate in our product category).

There isn't enough depth for old style tripod (usually require a depth of 6-7mm of screw height), we want to minimize the height in the design plus as 80% of the time a Leica user don't use tripod, by attaching an adaptor to the old style tripod makes much more sense instead of carring extra weight on your neck. For tripod user you can use the on grip ARCA rails (38mm standard) for your ARCA style ball head. The screw hole there is M5-8 which is designed to be used along with our LENS DOWN bracket.

There are two base colors (Silver and black) to match with the camera body and 6 different grip pad selections for your preference. 

During our development, we perfected our anodizing process to achieve this matte finish by carefully selecting materials, controlling temperatures, and using specific chemical mix in production. The result is a finish that resembles the iconic look of a modern Leica M camera finish. Our anodizing factory charge us by sets, unlike other that charges on total kilogram of products to be anodized.

Grip pad selections

To match your style we have the following 6 grip pad for your selection

Bottom Left: Glass fiber composite (G10)

This is a new material we created for two purpose. Many customers likes black but before we only have African black wood and black aluminum. Some found wood rather “old school" and forced to select black matt aluminum but aluminum grip pad is heavy (25g) so we have now this Fiber glass composite for your selection at only 11 grams. It is light, sturdy and have a grid patten on it. This material is commonly use on knife handles.

Top Left: Walnut  (5g)

This wood is very light (5g) but it is indeed softer because of its density.

Top Middle: Desert iron wood from Africa (11g)

This wood has better color then Walnut and almost the same density as the African black wood.

Bottom Middle: African Black wood (11g)

This wood has a high density and also beautiful wood grain.

Top Right: Metallic gray aluminum (25g)

Milled on 3 axial CNC and anodized with a metallic gray finish

Bottom right: black aluminum (25g)

Milled on 3 axial CNC and anodized with a matt black finish

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