IDS M11 Grip Features

Main features for the M11 version of the IDS modular camera grip

IDS modular Leica M11 grip is designed dedicated for Leica M11 while at the same time solve some of the issues which may concerns some photographers:

Quick access to battery releasing lever via a on grip releasing couping design. It eliminates the need of openning up rubber flip doors and preventing it from getting into the way when loading battery and SD card.

 Provide an internal SD card storage as a backup 

Metal flip door were designed to cover the USB port from dust and water

Grip was designed so that no hard surface will make direct contact with the bottom of the camera to prevent scratches. 

Recent Upgrade:

As M11 have no origional bottom plate to be removed from the camera and the battery needs space (height) to be pop out. Our origional version have already minimzed the height required. We have recently upgraded in the new version by replacing a large part of the inner aluminum solid to another material while keeping the outer look the same (Anodized aluminum) to further reduce weight!

We have in the recent orders sending out this new version already. And for those whom have purchased from this website and would like to upgrade please contact me personally and I'll give you a special discount for your upgrade. 

(above: inner structure before apply soft material)

(Same surface finish fixing screw as the main structure)

The bottome plate plus the grip pad supporting structure is now ONLY 60 gram compare to 85 gram before. It means with our lightest grip pad at 5 gram, the total weight is only 65 gram! Also all fastening screw to the body had been upgraded (for all our models) to aluminum with the same finish for better looks (We don't have time to update all the pictures yet...)

Modular ARCA rail design intergration allows quick loading on ARCA system
Aluminum 7075 was used in the construction of the M11 grip as a result of the new battery design for M11. 7075 maximized the strenght of the grip as when the legendary bottom plate design is discarded a much harder metal is necessary.
The design of the grip provides a very convient vertical shooting experience. The shape of the grip pad with 3D variable curves allow different variation in holding the camera horizontally and vertically at eye level, waist level as well as at really low angle. Combining your experience in zone focusing as well as distant judging skills, It allows you to get your orientation right and having more chances of getting that shot of the moment.

There are two base colors (Silver and black) to match with the camera body and 6 different grip pad selections for your preference. 

During our development, we perfected our anodizing process to achieve this matte finish by carefully selecting materials, controlling temperatures, and using specific chemical mix in production. The result is a finish that resembles the iconic look of a modern Leica M camera finish. Our anodizing factory charge us by sets, unlike other that charges on total kilogram of products to be anodized.

Grip pad selections

To match your style we have the following 6 grip pad for your selection

Bottom Left: Glass fiber composite (G10)

This is a new material we created for two purpose. Many customers likes black but before we only have African black wood and black aluminum. Some found wood rather “old school" and forced to select black matt aluminum but aluminum grip pad is heavy (25g) so we have now this Fiber glass composite for your selection at only 11 grams. It is light, sturdy and have a grid patten on it. This material is commonly use on knife handles.

Top Left: Walnut  (5g)

This wood is very light (5g) but it is indeed softer because of its density.

Top Middle: Desert iron wood from Africa (11g)

This wood has better color then Walnut and almost the same density as the African black wood.

Bottom Middle: African Black wood (11g)

This wood has a high density and also beautiful wood grain.

Top Right: Metallic gray aluminum (25g)

Milled on 3 axial CNC and anodized with a metallic gray finish

Bottom right: black aluminum (25g)

Milled on 3 axial CNC and anodized with a matt black finish


If you are mixing maker of accessories from different brands please read the following:

ARCA SWISS cross brand compatibility

 It explains the potential problem you may encounter and how to solve them.

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