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IDS initial design studio

IDS modular grip for Leica M240

IDS modular grip for Leica M240

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Base Color To match your M240
Grip Pad

Designed to be ultimately light weight and blend in to the original design for the Leica M240 series (M240 / M240-P / M262 etc).

This is designed to replace the original camera bottom plate of the camera without sacrificing the overall look of the camera. Intergrated ARCA 38mm stangard dovetail rail allowing quick loading on competable ARCA style tripod. Internal backup memory card storage are provide. As an replacement of the original camera bottom plate it also provide a quick access door to access battery / SD card compartment.

 Note: To minimized the overall hight of the bottom plate the screw hole on the bottom is NOT a standard 1/4-20 (its is M5-8) which is designed to incoprated with our optional LENS DOWN bracket. A tripod head with ARCA system is advised). However if your tripod do not support ARCA system there is a very easy way to solve by adding a transition plate on your tripod. (Look for 1/4 thread to ARCA connection plate in our product category)

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