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IDS initial design studio

IDS modular grip for Leica Film M cameras

IDS modular grip for Leica Film M cameras

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Base color to match your Leica Film M Series:
Grip pad material:

This grip is designed for Leica analog film M cameras with M-mount. It's suitable for M3, M2, M4, M6, M7, MP or different varient for the above models (Note: M5 is not suitable nor screw mount Leica). It features a patented intergated lock with your base plate, hidden spare battery compartment as well as an intergrated ARCA standared 38mm mounting rail for quick mounting on ARCA ball head.

Choose your Base color and pick your grip pad option to fit your preference for your Leica film camera grip.

THIS IS A MUST READ If you are mixing maker of accessories from different brands please read the following:

ARCA SWISS cross brand compatibility

 It explains the potential problem you may encounter and how to solve them.

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