Main features for the M10 version of the IDS modular camera grip

IDS modular Leica M10 grip is designed dedicated to fit for Leica M10 series cameras (Including M10, M10P, M10R, M10M). The development of it not only provide a better grip for the camera but also provide the following functions:

Quick loading of battery via the development of a battery door (such design allow one hand operation without the need of putting down your camera on the field)

A back up SD card storage door on the outside for quick changes (also allow the user to swap your SD card on the field quickly)

Modular ARCA rail design (the modular ARCA rail are desing to mimic the look of a Leivit. while allowing user to choose whether to install it or not based on your shooting condition)
Replacing the original bottom plate (no more worries on bumping and scratching your original bottom plate)
The design of the grip provides a very convient vertical shooting experience. The shape of the grip pad with 3D variable curves allow different variation in holding the camera horizontally and vertically at eye level, waist level as well as at really low angle. Combining your experience in zone focusing as well as distant judging skills, It allows you to get your orientation right and having more chances of getting that shot of the moment.
The hand grip have options of wooden hand pad to be selected as options (In fact, for handy users can even create their preferred shapes as well)

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